Mission Life


Wildwood is Multinational

Wildwood is 'multinational' because of the unique experience we have to share our lives and the gospel with the thousands of international college students who have arrived to work on the beach in Wildwood for the summer from Azerbaijan, China, Columbia, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and lots more.

Life at Wildwood!

Wildwood is a barrier island off the southern tip of New Jersey, and comes alive in the spring & summer as vacationers make their way to the famous Wildwood boardwalk.  The population of this resort beach town explodes during peak vacation times!

With hundreds of thousands of visitors making their way to Wildwood for the summer, the city hosts numerous events throughout the week as entertainment for their guests: Fireworks over the beach every Friday night, concerts on the beach, BBQ competitions, sports tournaments, movies on the beach, etc.  In addition to weekly events, there’s the simple fact that you live in a beach town outfitted with ice cream shops, local food dives, coffee shops, surf shops, sand between your toes, putt-putt courses, etc.

Wildwood touts one of America’s Top 10 Boardwalks with its 5 miles of beaches, amusement park piers, water parks, rollercoasters, carnival games, and delicious food stands.  Many of these boardwalk jobs will be occupied by international students who have come to America for the summer – many of which you, as a Summer Mission student, will get to interact with.  Every year we see thousands of international students make Wildwood their home for the summer.  We have connected with students from Azerbaijan, China, Columbia, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Russia, Turkey, and lots more.  Indeed, "WILDWOOD WELCOMES WORLD" is an accurate statement.   

Think of this: 10 weeks (June 1st - August 8th) in a beach house, with new friends, living together, laughing together, eating together, playing together, and working together. You'll learn, hope, pray, and love the world, in word and deed, all alongside one another.

We commit our lives at Wildwood to two things: Treasuring Jesus and Impacting the World.  

We are convinced that, as we Treasure Jesus more dearly, our hearts will be compelled to Impact the World around us. We're willing to put forth the effort to respond to his grace and to treasure him more fully, and we're willing to put forth the effort to hone our abiity to minister to those around us. 

Wildwood Summer Mission is designed for us to experience Jesus richly, and to set us up to live the rest of their lives on mission.  Wherever you go, whatever you do, we want to equip you to Impact the World with the gospel right where you are.  

How this looks on a day-to-day basis changes throughout the week, but there are certain things you can be sure of:

You’ll work a job (we’ll call that your “ministry site”) 30-40 hours/week.  You’ll meet in small groups (“teams”) as you study the Bible together and do ministry together.  You’ll cook meals together.  You’ll use our beach house as a place of hospitality.  You'll experience the Word with fresh perspective. You’ll be equipped to share your faith.  You'll interact with hundreds of international students.  You’ll worship in community.  You’ll go to church every Sunday.  You'll see people come to Christ.  You’ll have down time to hang out, grill in the backyard, throw the football, lay out at the beach, have fun at the boardwalk, etc. 

(Check out a sample weekly schedule here from a previous mission if you’d like to know more).

This is Life at Wildwood.  

Life as disciples.  Life to restore.  Life as celebrators.  Life to bless.  Life together.

Take a risk.  Come with us.  You won't regret it.  You may even just find yourself saying, "that was the summer that changed everything."